Award-Winning Female Kyrgyz Director Launches Heartfelt Film Project

As the ‘Lonely Pine’ feature film project is being presented at Berlinale 2019, Director and Screenwriter Dalmira Tilepbergen from Kyrgyzstan puts her best hopes on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help start the production of the most important project of her life. “For me, this project is more than passion. It has been my life's work, mission and ambition. Lonely Pine tells the moving story of a seven year old girl who believes that the mole on her lip is a gift from God and that all her wishes will come true. She is a high-spirited tomboy who lives a carefree life, wishing to be the son her father has never had. It is an honest, touching and often humorous story of life, love, loss of innocence, acceptance of responsibility, unfulfilled desires and unexpected tragedy'.

‘The last words I said to my father were, "I wish you were dead"', says Tilepbergen. 'With this film I want to show my father's soul how much I love him and hope that he has forgiven me for the cruel words I said to him at a very young age. I want to promote the idea that each of us must accept the responsibility of what we think and say. Western audiences know nothing or very little about Kyrgyzstan and our everyday life. Within our film we are planning to use a clip from a popular western film which depicts a strong woman who has made history. We wish to use it as an example to help inspire Asian women, because even today these women are subject to gender infringements which are woven into the cultural traditions of Asia. This part of the world continues to be dominated primarily by men. I want to create a special universal story which has global appeal.’      

Crowdfunding for ‘Lonely Pine’ has just launched on Kickstarter and will continue for 27 days. For as little as 25 dollars you can receive a private link to see Dalmira’s previous award-winning film,  Under Heaven. Among other rewards on offer are the original shooting script with director’s handwritten notes, a visit to the film set with an overnight stay at the 5-star eco-farm in the Issyk-kul region, a set of authentic hand-made Kyrgyz ‘shuttlecocks’ called ‘dushans’ and other hard to resist incentives.