Based on true events, Lonely Pine tells the tragic story of Arno, a seven year old girl who is lead to believe that the mole on her lip is a gift from God and that all her wishes will come true. She is a high-spirited tomboy who lives a carefree life, wishing to be the son her father has never had.

Events take place in a remote pastureland within the high, majestic mountains of Central Asia, a microcosm of the Garden of Eden, untouched by the modern day world. Arno is brought here by her grandfather, a man of wisdom and  conscience, to join their family for the summer: Arno's father, a horse farmer whose only wish is to have a son; her pregnant mother, who loves cinema; her elder sister who constantly dreams of finding love; and her younger twin sisters who live freely and spontaneously within the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

However, nothing lasts forever and unknowingly their world is about to be destroyed by encroaching civilization. The family's fragile existence is also in jeopardy as Arno's doubt about her father's love for her threatens to break their spiritual relationship.

Lonely Pine is an honest, touching and often humorous story of life, love, loss of innocence, acceptance of responsibility, unfulfilled desires and unexpected tragedy...