Director's Vision Statement

Lonely Pine is based upon the true story of a period in my life as a very young girl.

My father died in the mountains when I was just 7 years old. The last words I said to him were: “I wish you were dead”. As a result of this, all through my life I have lived with the feeling that it was my fault. I have always felt that my words deprived him of his life and that I was responsible for putting all my family through a lifetime of sorrow and hardship. So now, with this film I want to show my father's soul how much I love him and hope that he has forgiven me. That is why for me this project is more than passion. It has been my life's work, mission and ambition. I want to promote the idea that each of us must accept the responsibility of what we think and say.

My visual inspiration comes mainly from the dramatic, deep emotive Japanese films such as The Naked Island by Kaneto Shindô, Woman in the Dunes by Hiroshi Teshigahara, the films of Akira Kurosawa and Korean Director Joon Ho Bong's Mother. However, my musical inspiration comes from north European composers, such as Sebstian Zawadzki, Max Richter, Thomas Bergersen and Jóhann Jóhannsson. I hope that this mix between an eastern vision and western sound will help to make the perception of the film more striking and generate a wider, more global appeal.

I have also included some biblical episodes within the story, for example, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. In the case of Lonely Pine the paradise is the remote pasture high in the mountains of Central Asia, soon to be threatened with encroaching civilization. This paradise is also reflected in the fragile soul of Arno as she loses her innocence and the peace of her unconscious being forever.

We are planning to use a clip from a popular film depicting strong women who have made history. We wish to use it as an example to help inspire Asian women, because even today these women are subject to gender infringements which are woven into the cultural traditions of Asia. This part of the world continues to be dominated primarily by men.

The drama genre requires us to be very clear and precise with the casting. The protagonist ARNO must be played by a 7-10 year old girl with tremendous energy, naivety and the ability to pass herself off as a boy. She must also  have very pure eyes, capable of expressing deep sorrow. Father is at the center of all conflicts. He should be around 35-40 years old, strong, tall, thick-set and reserved. I see him as a man who is prepared to sacrifice everything, even his life, for his family. SATAR must be portrated as a confident, menacing man with a quick temper. His eyes are of special importance. One is bright blue and blind, the other dark black like a black hole or a snake, sucking in everyone's energy.

Dalmira Tilepbergen
Producer, Director, Screenwriter